Ksharsutra (Para-surgical method in Ayurveda) Q&A

What is Ksharsutra?

Ksharsutra is a sanskrit word. Kshar meaning alkali or base and sutra meaning thread. Ksharsutra is a medicated thread that is explained in Ayurveda text, which is used as a para-surgical tools in many surgical disease like hemorrhoids, fistula in ano , warts etc.

How is Ksharsutra made?

Ksharsutra is made of a thread that has multiple layers of herbs and medicine in it. The major ingredient in ksharsutra is snuhi (Euphorbia nerifolia linn) and haridra (Turmeric). The extract of snuhi is coated multiple time along with the turmeric powder in the thread in a sterile condition.

How does Ksharsutra treat surgical disease?

Ksharsutra is used in different ways in different conditions. In case of haemorrhoids (or piles) , the haemorroids are clamped and tied with the help of ksharsutra thread. Ksharsutra thread has multiple actions. First it helps to cut through the extra tissues, it also helps in clearing the unwanted scar tissues around the fresh wound and finally helps to heal that place without infections. As ksharsutra is capable of all three actions it is regarded best for haemorrhoids. For the fistula in ano, it helps to act as a drainage for the tract, secondly helps to remove scarred tissue and finally helps to open fistula tract to give a good environment to initiate the self healing process in the fistula tract.

How much time does it take to heal after Ksharsutra application?

It depends upon different disease ,different stages of disease and different types of threads used. In an average for haemorrohids is relatively quicker than fistula in ano. Haemorrhoids takes 5-10 days , however fistula take time depending upon the length of fistula. The rate will be around 10 days per centimeter of fistula tract. However if tract is longer it can take up to 6 months.

How painful is the Ksharsutra procedure?

In the day of application of Ksharasutra , most ayurveda ksharsutra surgon use local anaesthesia, and also give pain releiving medicine before treatment, so pain is manages. However , one can experience a burning sensation for 1 hours to 2 hours after the application of ksharsura thread. In case of fistula in ano, one can do all the works like usual even after application of ksharsutra still doctors may advice to take rest. A temporary quick pain can be there at the time of changing the thread.

How often should one change Ksharsutra thread?

It depends upon conditions like in hemorrhoids , if there is still the extra tissue ksharsuta specialist will change after 2 days to 7 days. In case of fistula in ano doctor prefers to change every third day to every week. It again depends upon nature of disease and thread itself.

Is Ksharsutra is better than other surgical methods?

Ksharsutra procedure is very popular today in Nepal and India. It is better however one should be assured about finding a right place and right doctor who are trained to do so. There can be infection if Ksharsutra operation theater is not sterile or materials used are not sterile.

Is Ksharsutra expensive?

Relative to surgical methods it is not expensive. In Nepal, a ksharsutra can be done in the cost ranging from Nepali Rupees 10,000 to Nepali rupees 50,000 , depending upon conditions and different centers. The charge of a procedure is Nepali Rupees 1000 to Nepali Rupees 10,000 , Ksharsutra thread cost from Nepali rupees one thousands to two thousands. And few costs for medicines etc.

Is Ksharsutra 100% sure to treat disease?

This is the most common question for not just in Ksharsutra but for everything. “Nothing is 100% sure” , however relatively after ksharsutra there is least chance the same problem reoccurs.

Disclaimer:- All the information here is just for the educational purpose. Do not take this as a subtitute to your medical advice. Please consult with your doctor before panning for any type of medical procedures.

Please comment if you have any further questions. I am always happy to answer it as soon as possible.

Keynote to take back home:-
The most important thing is the food and lifestyle. If someone is careful about the food that they take and the activities that they do; Ksharsutra along with all other curative procedures are never required.

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  1. James Peter says:

    Thank you for helpful information. Where is the best place for Ksharsutra to be done? Thank you

    1. I would suggest Ayurveda Hospital kirtipur or Nardevi Hospital.

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