Nardevi Ayurveda Hospital

Nardevi Ayurveda Hospital has been operating free patient examination and dispensing services for the past six years. Nardevi Ayurveda is one of the oldest Ayurveda hospitals providing the Ayurveda and  alternative health care to public for ages.

Article 4 of the Constitution of Nepal states that Nepalese citizens will have the right to free basic health facilities as provided by law in the state. From its inception, Nardevi Ayurved Hospital has been providing free healthcare It has made the constitutional right of citizens to provide free healthcare services practically

About 6 manpower is employed in this hospital, including 3 doctors and health workers and other staff Most of the people of our country are getting free healthcare through Ayurvedic treatment system which is the national medical system of Nepal. The central Ayurveda clinic is Nardevi as a referral institution for the five zonal ayurveda dispensaries, six district Ayurveda health center and 3 general Ayurveda dispensary under the ayurvedic department of the government of Nepal.

The hospital has been contributing to Ayurvedic medicine in a timely manner by providing quality services for the health and longevity of the Nepalese people through Ayurvedic medical practices.

The long reliable history and strong current have inspired this hospital to continue to provide health care, promotion and medical services to the Nepalese people in the future.

The facilities provided by Nardevi Central Ayurveda Hospital are as follows:-

  • OPD for General Medicine
  • OPD for Gynecology and Pediatrics Medicine
  • OPD for Shalya and Salakya (Minor surgeries and EENT)
  • Own Pharmacy (Some medicine are provided free of cost)
  • Inpatient Care Unit
  • Acupuncture
  • Laboratary for blood test, XRAY and USG
  • Panchakarma and Ksharsutra

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Dr Roshan

I am Roshan Baskota (Ayurveda Doctor) , did my Bachelor's Degree of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Institute of Medicine Tribhuwan University, Nepal. Followed by the study I have done certification programs on Advanced Metabolic Endocrinology from American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Beside academic study and certification , I have been chosen as a research supervisors by government of Nepal where I got chance to experience different traditional healers and their practice in Himalayas. Additionally, I have got knowledge from participating different seminars within and outside the country.

I have started my work as a Ayurveda general physician in clinics in Nepal. During that time I was also trained for Panchakarma and Ksharsutra procedures. After 2 yrs of clinical experience, I started working at a wellness resort , where I run a wellness programs mostly preventive, promotive and rejuvenative. I do Ayurveda consultation, pulse analysis to find prakriti (Body Type) and imbalances, and guide with different food, lifestyle and therapies. Addition to work, I love writing and making video blogs about Ayurveda and Yoga.

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