Should we go back to Ancient time?

Whole the globe is worried about corona virus and everyone is focused in it. And I am not writing this blog to claim that ancient Ayurveda has a treatment or solution for it. However we need to be aware of few things to prevent such epidemics in coming future.

Ever wonder why, every-time we find new antibiotics and new technology , still disease , infection and problem persist in environment that we live! I am thankful to all the amazing cutting edge science today, no people have to die of bleeding or infection. But what about the livings standard of life , emotional happiness and satisfactions. There are amazing pills to induce sleep but nothing to induce deep sleep.

Ayurveda (Ancient wisdom of life from Himalayas) talks about pragyaparadh. Pragyaparad is loss of (Dhi, Dhriti and Smriti) or simply can be called as misuse of intellect. Nature has its own rhythm and pace, however if human wants to make it quick and in convenient way, there will definitely be some dis-harmony which humans and everyone living under that environment will suffer.

People want to get as much as wheat and now they altered the gene and made it very strong. But as soon as we take these wheat , our body got something that we naturally are not prepared as a result body start to show reactions for something that is not natural. This now is very popularly called gluten intolerant.

People want more dairy,  so poor animals are ingested with hormones, but the worst is cow is now like a manufacturing machine. Thousands of years back cow had the option to choose different medicinal plants in the Himalayas and the milk of such cow is regarded as nectar or essence of all the magical herbs of Himalayas. Today , now just because we choose to be quick and smart, most people have lactose intolerant.

Coming to under developed and developing countries, lots of misuse of antibiotics is another scary news. Bacteria are getting much more resistant due to misuse of antibiotics.

Every action has equal and opposite reaction. If someone is happy quickly, gets sad quickly, rich quickly gets poor quickly, everything has its own pace. We need to come back to mother nature’s pace. And we all need to include mother nature in our everyday gratitude prayer.

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Dr Roshan

I am Roshan Baskota (Ayurveda Doctor) , did my Bachelor's Degree of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Institute of Medicine Tribhuwan University, Nepal. Followed by the study I have done certification programs on Advanced Metabolic Endocrinology from American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Beside academic study and certification , I have been chosen as a research supervisors by government of Nepal where I got chance to experience different traditional healers and their practice in Himalayas. Additionally, I have got knowledge from participating different seminars within and outside the country.

I have started my work as a Ayurveda general physician in clinics in Nepal. During that time I was also trained for Panchakarma and Ksharsutra procedures. After 2 yrs of clinical experience, I started working at a wellness resort , where I run a wellness programs mostly preventive, promotive and rejuvenative. I do Ayurveda consultation, pulse analysis to find prakriti (Body Type) and imbalances, and guide with different food, lifestyle and therapies. Addition to work, I love writing and making video blogs about Ayurveda and Yoga.

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