Gurjo (गुर्जो) also known as Guduchi  (Tinospora Cordifolia)  is the most talked plant these days in Nepal. I have recently uploaded the video about Gurjo. To my suprise there were lots of questions and queries that people ask me about this plant. Lets know different aspect of Gurjo.

What is Gurjo?

Tinospora cordifolia, which is known by the common names gurjoheart-leaved moonseedguduchi, and giloy,, is an herbaceous vine of the family Menispermaceae indigenous to tropical regions of the Indian subcontinent. Despite centuries of use in traditional medicine to treat various disorders, there is no high-quality clinical evidence that it has any effect on diseases.
(from wikipedia)

Why is it getting popularity in Nepal?

The reason behind its popularity is definitely belief of people upon herbs and ancient Ayurveda. After covid situation everyone is looking for some ways to be healthy. People are more health conscious now. Below are few points regarding its popularity.

  • Gurjo is the herb people has been using to treat fever and also easily available.
  • It is tridosha balancing.
  • Gurjo is also used in respiratory system illness. (From Ayurveda literature)
  • It is easily available.
  • It is not very expensive (100gm of dry powder costs $2-$3)

Is it really helpful in current situation?

There is no direct answer to this question. Ayurveda always guides us to first know our nature (prakriti) and then only decide something is good or bad. Gurjo is definitely is a potent herb, but it’s not the only tool to fight against covid19. The most important factor is the general food and lifestyle that we do every day. In the part of general food and lifestyle it can be the small component. Gurjo or any other herb is not a magic that whole your lifestyle is wrong and you can take one sip of gurjo tea to BOOST your immunity. It’s actually funny. There are no shortcuts for natural process.

Do I mean you should not consume Gurjo?

Well answer depends upon why you take Gurjo. Yes, you should not consume,if you think Gurjo is medicine of Covid19. No you can take if you take this as a part of lifestyle or Ayurveda physician recommends it after your examination. Also what I am always worried is wrong identification of this plant. Very similar to Tinospora codifolia is Tinospora crispa. T. crispa can also be hepatotoxic. Even T. cordifolia can harm body if taken for long time (more that 3 months) in a wrong dose. In fact there is no sufficient modern scientific research to say anything about its harmful effect on human body. In my clinical practice I definitely prescribe Gurjo but never more than a month.

What are the other risks of taking Gurjo by yourself.

Gurjo as I have talked earlier is a very potent herb. It can quickly lower your blood sugar level. Now if someone with the diabetes are under medication, it can instantly cause sugar to drop and can cause very low blood sugar. It also drops down blood pressure. Possible symptoms are dizzy, mild headache and even fainting. If taken by pregnant women can cause problems to the mother as well as baby. (No sufficient research done yet.)


It’s good to get craze for the science that belong to Himalayas. It’s wonderful people are taking about herbs and its importance however understanding a complete Ayurveda is important rather than getting overwhelmed in its small component. Gurjo can be taken but at least under supervision of someone who knows Ayurveda in depth. Little knowledge can be really dangerous. In fact the best way to enhance your immunity is not in herb or medicine. It is within you. Smile. Yes happiness is the best immune booster. So keep on smiling and follow daily lifestyle and good food.

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