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Recently, I saw a news published in reputed newspaper about overall improvement in Nardevi Ayurveda hospital which is located in Naradevi. I used to work as an intern Ayurveda doctors in Nardevi (2015/2016). After the publication of news I re-visited the place (2020) after almost 5 years . And here are my observations.

First of all no doubt, Ayurveda is really great ancient science about life and Nardevi is one of the oldest hospitals (100yrs) providing health care service from Ayurveda teachings. Looking at the patients flow , it is definitely improving the health quality of general population.

Treatment cost – The treatment cost are very minimum, some medicine (24 varieties) are given free of cost. As per the management, it would grow bigger if they had enough manpower. Have been said that, the medicine among 24 varieties may not be sufficient for your complete management of the disease or condition , so you might need to bye some medicines. Generally Ayurveda medicine to buy is expensive than allopathic medicine. On my observation average person buys medicine worth rupee NRS 1000 – 1200 for 15 days. 5 yrs back the same medicine would cost NRs 500 to 600.

About location – It is located in the middle of the crowded city in Nardevi. This made the place little difficult for parking facilities , however my recent visit amazed me as I saw lots of space made and dedicated for parking.

Waste management has always been issue, this is not just a problem in Ayurveda hospital but most places in city. However this time the management has taken steps to manage waste in a proper ways which is admirable.

Ksharsutra (Ayurveda procedure to remove extra growth of tissue) ; mostly used to treat hemorrhoids; is popular in Ayurveda as this process is less costly and more effective in the management of hemorrhoids/piles and fistula. Nardevi has a standard operation theater where this procedure is conducted followed by the indoor service to look for observation. I would highly recommend to visit the place if you have anorectic problems.

Additional to Ayurveda treatments , there is also the facility of acupuncture. Combining it is very effective in the person with musculoskeletal problems. I would also highly recommend to visit Nardevi Ayurveda Hospital , for person suffering from pain linked with bone, nerves and muscles.

Its been 100 years already. Its definitely true that the progress is not satisfactory but it  is also a fact that Nardevi Ayurveda Hospital slowly but surely is and will be providing the best health care facility reflecting the ancient wisdom of Himalayas.

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